Howdy there, my name is Marie and I have been the face behind this weblog. I love writing about real estate investing.

I began as a newbie just as you and had nearly zero success in my investments. As a matter of fact, my first couple of real estate buys were a total failure. I lost more than I gained. However, I didn’t fully understand the majority of the tips I’m currently sharing on this blog, therefore the disappointment was probable from a holistic stance.

After dabbling in the real estate investment landscape for the very first time without any success, I made the decision to succeed. I finally became determined to never give up regardless of the level of the difficulties I experienced. I decided to strive once more but this time more seriously, and strive again I did.

Now here comes the most interesting part. I experienced awesome success after delving into the real estate investment world to get all the skills I desired to pull off something big. I started making profits big time, all thanks to that perseverance to not just gain the vital information I needed, but additionally to succeed. My initial failure also played a crucial part in my achievements. It turned out to be a learning experience for me.

Any time I’m not here writing, I’m more often than not participating in discussions, conferences, and heading seminars. Any time I’m in my house, I enjoy the company of my spouse and kids. We are one big completely happy family.

The reason for this website is to discuss my expertise in order to help you take advantage of my 5-year experience at no cost.